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This conference will be an opportunity for the Industry, Govt., Govt. Agencies, Citizens, Policy Makers and NGOs to participate, contribute and provide solutions to solve some of the challenges in the Social Sector.

Special Invitees from SAARC, African & Far East countries will be invited to explore opportunities to develop and deploy solutions jointly developed.

Speaker List / Panellists will include the Who’s Who from the Industry, Central Govt. & State Govt., NGOs and Influencers from across SAARC / African / Far East countries.


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The Baramati Initiative seeks to encourage learning through presentations and panel discussions, involving not only experts and practitioners from NGOs, corporations and government agencies, but also those who deliver the services at the grassroots, who together with communities that are the ultimate beneficiaries of any improvements in the delivery of services that can be achieved from the use of technology.

This annual conference continues to act as a platform for Information & Knowledge Exchange and for exploring ways in which information and communication technology is being used as a tool to empower the people.

This Conference is a learning opportunity for participants allowing them to:

      :: Interact with the policy makers and Govt. representatives

      :: Interact directly with the Who’s Who from the Industry and discover the Technology Solutions that can

      :: make a difference in our lives

      :: Meet and interact with individuals and organizations that are financing these efforts

      :: Learn about new trends via exhibits and demonstration booths


The Baramati Concept


The basic concept behind this Conference is to highlight the enormous potential of scaling the use of SMAC, IoT & Big Data and their impact in the digital economy to help people and communities at large.

Organizations, social entrepreneurs, government institutions, corporate enterprises and even uneducated, village entrepreneurs are continuously developing technological solutions to serve the often-overlooked customers at the bottom of the pyramid. These solutions have the capabilities to bring the benefits of the digital age —increased access to markets, education, environmental information, and government services – to communities around the world.

In doing so, they are helping to build the business, economic and social cases for investing in systems and infrastructure needed to serve the need of all involved stakeholders.
The purpose of Baramati initiative is to showcase how ICT is being employed to provide sustainable solutions to the needs of the communities.

The conference takes place in Baramati, a town located in rural Maharashtra where an ecosystem using ICT to aid the rural economy has been successfully implemented.

This conference attracts over 150 participants each year with over 30-40 foreign participants. Over the last 8 years, the Baramati Initiative has become one of the key forums for people to exchange information on innovative efforts in the field of ICT and Development

This time, the 9th Baramati Initiative is to be held on the 19th to 22nd of February, 2016 and the Theme being ‘Technology Solutions Using SMAC, IoT & Big Data for Social Impact’


About The Conference

SMAC – Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud – the combined four technologies are driving innovations in every walk of life and is the means for generating, creating, consuming and transforming Data – leading to Big Data.
Big Data has the potential to transform development and accelerate social progress around the world, but there are issues surrounding the understanding, ownership, privacy and capacity building at all levels for improved outcomes.
With the ‘Connected World’ taking strides and moving towards the next big thing, Connected People, Connected Devices and Connected Intelligence has taken the centre-stage and with this, the Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the limelight and provides huge opportunity and potential for businesses, enterprises and Social Entrepreneurship.

As per IDC & Forbes market report says that the Big Data Market is to be worth $48.6 Billion in 2019 and Internet of Things market will be between $15 Trillion to $19 Trillion in 2020



Improved Quality of Life – improved access to information and services.


Citizen Participation – Inclusiveness : an all inclusive approach


Effective use of ICT – IoT, Big Data and Social Media


Convergence of Initiatives and sustainability


Improved Administrative Efficiency

Skill Development – Develop Local / Global requirement related to Technology for Education, Agriculture and Healthcare


Major Tracks


Education – Skills, Requirement, Gap, Proliferation – Last Mile

Healthcare – Skills, Accessibility, ICT enabled – IoT-Big Data supported solutions

Agriculture – IoT-Big Data supported solutions

Smart Cities, Smart Towns, Smart Villages

Financial Sustainability – Models of past – Future, What works – what does not.

Challenges – On Ground, Technical, Implementation, Sustainability

Participation Option


- Sponsorship

- Panellist / Subject
Matter Experts (SMEs)

- Delegates / Participants

Organizing Partners


Vidya Pratishthan's Institute of Information Technology (VIIT), Baramati, India




templeimgAbout Baramati

Baramati has a rich cultural heritage. The famous Kashivishweshwar temple on the western
bank of Karaha river was constructed during 800 B.C. ,and the famous poet Sridhar who wrote
Shivleelamrut a holy scripture belongs to this city.

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